About me-

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Hi there! I am Sydney Salomão, from Brazil. Now I live in Hamburg, Germany.

I am finishing the Google UX Design course and I am looking for Junior positions in UX / UI Design.

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I was born and raised in Salvador, Brazil. But I always wanted to meet people all over the world. Growing up, one of my biggest accomplishments that I still harvest to this day was to be open to new cultures and perspectives of the world. That is how I learned that everyone has a different side of the story to tell, and it's important to listen, to evolve and refresh ideas.

Website under construction. Projects will be uploaded soon.

In between those years, I pursuit my artistic vein in many forms. I had to punch my impostor-self on the face many times (still do) to start to recognize my skills and my sharp eye for minimalistic and elegant designs. My friends and freelance clients gave me lots of hints and advice to pursue this path, every time when they asked me for my opinion in tech, design, and even fashion and they also invited me to be part of some excellent projects and collaborations that I am grateful for.

My experiences made me who I am: someone really into exploring cultures, making (trying) flat whites at home or hunting a nice cafe, discovering fashion, and tasting different beers. This vast and peculiar taste of mine is shown through my designs, where I like - when possible - to experiment with new things, processes, platforms, tools, and so on. My friends often tell me that I am super calm and an easy-going person to deal with. I agree with them.

I also enjoy collaborating and chatting over a good cup of coffee, so get in touch, and let's meet up!

Resume available upon request :)

What I Do-

UX/UI Design &

Webdesign &

Brand Designer &

Photography &



Not specifically

in that order.

Where I Do-

Figma, Adobe XD

Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Wordpress

Adobe CC, Affinity Software

Adobe Lightroom, Capture One

De'Longhi EC680M Espresso, Aeropress, Hario V60, Cold Brew